Thank you for your interest in the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), the world’s most influential community of entrepreneurs. Members of EO must be the owner, founder or majority stakeholder of a business earning a minimum of US$1 million in the most recent fiscal year. Venture-backed companies must have either privately-raised funds of at least US$2 million or publically-raised funds of US$5 million, and a minimum of 10 employee.

Here is a brief look at the application process:
  • Application Review: Once received, your application will be reviewed by your local chapter to ensure that all criteria is met.
  • Chapter Communication: Upon receipt of your application, your local chapter will schedule an interview with you to further explore your interest in EO.
  • EOaccess: When your application is accepted, you will gain access to Forum, chapter and Global events, as well as a wide variety of other member benefits. Discover the benefits available to you.
  • Orientation and Training: Within the first three months of membership, you will partake in an EO orientation, which will include a welcome package and introductory information from a member of the EO staff. You will also go through Forum training and be placed in a Forum.
  • Member Dues: Member fees comprise both Global and chapter dues. Global dues are currently US$1,900 (plus a one-time US$1,500 initiation fee) and are prorated based on the fiscal month you join. Chapter dues differ depending on your chapter’s policies.


Every entrepreneur’s continued path to success is different and the benefits of EO membership reflect that diversity. We have tools to help you solve business challenges, learn in different ways, network locally or globally, and much more. Explore our range of exclusive benefits below:


Through EO events, you can access top resources in the world of business, personal development and politics, all with a unique entrepreneurial perspective. EO Global events offer you unprecedented access to top venues, speakers and activities in the most fascinating locations in the world.


When you join EO, you join a chapter as well as the Global organization. As part of this local community of entrepreneurs, members participate in regular chapter learning and social events. At these functions, you will have the opportunity to connect with local EO members while benefiting from the knowledge of guest speakers who discuss a variety of business topics. In many cases, these programs capitalize on the availability of high-quality local presenters, educating you on nearby resources and addressing themes in your business community.


Connecting members to the best health care and counseling in the world through alliances with top centers of medical excellence, the Healthnetwork Foundation offers members peace of mind. If a member or one of his/her family faces an addiction, mental health need, illness or injury, the Entrepreneurs’ Organization provides access to leading doctors at the best facilities around the world through Healthnetwork Foundation



  • Connecting to specialists
  • VIP Medical Referrals
  • Remote Second Opinion
  • Health Information Search
  • US and abroad


  • Executive Health Programs
  • Health Screening Guidelines
  • Priority Access
  • State-of-the-Art Diagnostics


Through relationships with some of the world’s top business schools, EO provides executive education programs that allow members to expand their business knowledge and leadership skills, including the renowned three-year Entrepreneurial Masters Program (EMP), and the EO/Babson Executive Education Seminar. The topics and agendas for these programs vary, but attendees can be sure to cover topics such as the six fundamental areas of business: management, finance, human resources, marketing and sales, operations and research and development. Mature business owners can also learn about mergers and acquisitions, wealth preservation and planning, mid-life transitions, launching a new business (serial entrepreneurship), advanced management and leadership and hiring executive leadership.