EO Fort Worth

With over 70 outstanding members, EO Fort Worth is one of the fastest growing Entrepreneurs’ Organization chapters globally. Our purpose is to propel entrepreneurs to learn and grow from each other, leading to greater business success and enriched personal lives.

  • Exchange business ideas with some of the brightest entrepreneurial minds around the world.
  • Learn creative methods to grow your company.
  • Discuss winning strategies of production, management and marketing through experience gained — not advice given.
  • Develop relationships with the people who understand all the unique personal and professional demands of leading a fast-growth company.



AS OF FEB 03, 2016
64 Members as of Feb 03, 2016
Chapter Founded In: 2012

  • Range:USD $ 1.00 – 1414.29 million
  • Total Member Sales:USD $ 2010.05 million
  • Average Member Sales:USD $ 31.91 million
  • Median Member Sales:USD $ 2 million
  • Range:1 – 450
  • Total Employees:2204
  • Average # Employees:34
  • Median # Employees:7
  • Range:32 – 69
  • Average Member Age:48
  • Median Member Age:51
EO Facts-At-A-Glance as of 1 July 2015
  • Total Members Worldwide: More than 11000
  • Total Sales of All Members Worldwide: More than US$536 billion
  • Total Number of Workers that Members Employee Worldwide: More than 2.4 million
  • Total number of chapters worldwide:150
  • Number of countries with EO chapters:48
  • Average Age:43
  • Average Sales:US$52.30 million
  • Average member employees:240

INDUSTRIES REPRESENTED – Advertising/Publication, Arts, Entertainment/Recreation, Automotive, Communications Services, Computer/Consulting, Computer/Services, Computer/Software, Construction Services, Contracting Services, Distribution, Education/Training, Environmental, Financial Services, Furniture, Health/Medical Services, Human Resources/Personnel, Industrial Services, Insurance Services, Jewelry, Legal Services, Manufacturing, Marketing/PR, Media Services, Multimedia/Internet/On-line Services, Office Equipment, Oil/Gas, Real Estate, Restaurant, Retail, Sports/Fitness Services

Membership Dues
EO annual dues are US Dollar 1900.00 and are due at the beginning of each fiscal year, which is July 1st. Fees are based on a monthly pro-rated schedule. New members pay a one-time initiation fee of US Dollar 1500.00.
EO Fort Worth annual dues are US Dollar 2500.00, with a one-time new member chapter initiation fee of US Dollar 300.00.